During the GOP debate, Tucker Carlson interviewed President Trump and asked if Trump feared they would try to assassinate him. Tucker followed up on this during a podcast with Adam Corolla. See the short video of this segment at this link.

In short, they protested him, they called him names, and when he won Hillary declared him an illegitimate President. Ironically something President Trump is being prosecuted and persecuted for. Then they defamed him with the Russia Hoax which hampered his presidency until COVID hit. They impeached him twice to no avail and now they think they can beat him with indictments. Surely one will stick. How could it not? Everyone is guilty of something. If that doesn’t do him in then some blue states are going to try to keep him off the ballot. That will not matter since it is not a popular vote. As Tucker mentions, assassination is their last resort. Who are “they”? Permanent Washington.

Fellow Veteran for Trump, Mac discusses his thoughts on this subject:


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