Anybody besides me getting tired of hearing about race and White Supremacy? I hope so. Nobody likes to be alone and I’m betting I am not. No doubt some people hold to that ideology but I’m betting it is far less than anyone thinks. For those who are a little slow here is the definition. White supremacy a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races”

Let’s take a look at Portland. Are those anarchists white? Yes, mostly. Here is a link to a NY Post article that uses a pretty clear picture of the group just before riots break out. The caption on the picture says Black Lives Matter supporters demonstrate in Portland Oregon. If there are a hundred people visible in the photo I can only identify 1 black person for sure. Everyone else is white.

Here is a new YouTube video link. It might be taken down before long so I don’t know if the link will be active when you are reading this. The video link starts at the end so you can see a daylight video and identify the race. I did not see any blacks. You can back up the video to see more and I will admit I saw one or two blacks. Riots in Oregon has NOTHING to do with blacks. Chicago and other cities are a different story.

Does any reasonable person think those white people rioting in Portland are superior? No. Stupid is as stupid does regardless of race and most of us know that. If we are anything we are “reasonable supremacists“. We believe smart and reasonable beats unreasonable and stupid every time. In other words, “Reasonable supremacy is the belief that reasonable people are superior to those who are unreasonable and reason should dominate over unreasonableness”.

Imagine if the pictures and videos you see of rioters were actually of white supremacy groups. Do you think Portland would put up with violence from a group like the KKK? Of course not. It would have been shut down in less than a day. The Mayors and Governors would have called in the National Guard and arrested everyone.

I’ll end this post with that final point. If anyone can argue that Portland or these other cities would allow the KKK to commit these acts of violence I will call you a lying dog faced pony soldier to your face 🙂

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