I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding President Donald Trump, and the article states an opinion: “Trump isn’t the one dividing us by race”.  It goes on to opine that there are many who call out racism and try to put each of us into our “box”. That is to say divide us by race, creed, religion, color, etc, etc…

But is it President Trump?


President Trump’s political opponents have long accused him of using “racist language.” They claim that President Trump “exploits race,” “uses race for his gain,” and that he perpetuates “racial resentments,” – these and many more allegations have been printed in the New York Times alone over the past several months.

Yet Mr. Trump seldom uses any form of race in his speech or his tweets. Rather it is consistently the media and leadership within the Democratic party who routinely identify individuals and groups by race, religion, creed, and political party affiliation.

Sadly, “Identity Politics” is a staple of the media and within our political discourse. The problem with “identity politics” is that there is no room for individuality. Race is NOT a legitimate definition of political leanings, any more that gender would be, or nationality, or any other group-based separator of individuals. I know many individuals who contradict the generalities associated with “identity politics” and dispel that myth.

President Trump has said things like:

Your dreams are my dreams and your future is my future“.   ~ Is there any HINT of “race” in that statement?

We are one American family“.  ~ Where is there divisiveness in that statement?

Before we ask what is fair to illegal immigrants, we must ask what is fair to american families, students, taxpayers, job seekers“. ~ Is there some form of racism in defending American families?

We will show the whole world how proud to be American“.  ~  Are YOU “proud to be an American”, or do YOU find this statement to be offensive?

My friends, reading, watching, and listening to the media, will NOT give you the truth. Today we MUST be ever watchful for truth.  In academic centers of learning they often use this quote: “the truth will set you free“.

As you consume media directed to influence YOU, be aware of the truth …

the truth will set you free



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