Washington has been all abuzz for weeks about how important it is to keep the name of the “whistleblower” a secret. I wonder why that is? Could it be that the real reason to hide his identity is that Adam Schiff may have some difficult questions to answer if his name is disclosed?
Real Clear Investigations has found some interesting facts about the “whistleblower” such as :
• He is a CIA Analyst who, for a period of time worked in the Whitehouse.
• He is a hearsay reporter of accusations against the president
• He is 33 years old, a registered Democrat and worked in the Obama administration.
• Worked with former Vice-President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.
• A vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” charade.
• He left his National Security Council position in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017.
• Met for “guidance” with Adam Schiff’s staff.
• Worked with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa, who “dug up dirt” during the 2016 election. The operative, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. Mr. Ciaramella knows her and has had her in the White House.
• Interest in the intelligence analyst is so high that several former colleagues have compiled a 40-page research report on him. A classified version of the document is circulating on Capitol Hill, and briefings have been conducted based on it.
• One briefed Republican has been planning to unmask the “whistleblower” in a speech on the house floor.

Earlier this year Schiff recruited 2 of Carmella’s closet allies at NSC, both of whom are Obama holdovers, to join his committee staff. He hired one, Sean Misko, in August – the same month the “whistleblower” complaint was filed.

During closed-door depositions taken in the impeachment inquiry, Misko was observed handing notes to the lead counsel for the inquiry, Daniel Goldman, as he asks questions of the Trump administration.

Trump supporters blame the conspiracy of silence on a “corrupt” and “biased” media trying to protect the whistleblower from justified scrutiny of his political motives. They also complain Democrats have falsely claimed that exposing his identity would violate whistleblower protections, even though the relevant statute provides limited, not blanket, anonymity – and doesn’t cover press disclosures. His Democrat attorneys, meanwhile, have warned that outing him would put him and his family “at risk of harm,” although government security personnel have been assigned to protect him.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, asserted the American people have the right to know the person who is trying to bring down the president for whom 63 million voted.

“It’s tough to determine someone’s credibility if you can’t put them under oath and ask them questions,” he said.

Added Jordan: “The people want to know. I want to get to the truth.”

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