Who Will Destroy America First, that is the question. For a long time we have seen foreign adversaries as the number 1 threat to our way of life. Maybe it is already too late. The left cannot get past their hatred of Trump’s personality. Thankfully many on the left are starting to see the light. Personality doesn’t matter as much as policy.

When making decisions, the focus should primarily be on policy rather than personality. While personality traits may influence how policies are implemented, evaluated, and communicated, it is ultimately the effectiveness of the policies themselves that have a lasting impact. Veterans understand this better than most. You may not have liked the personality of your military leaders but they were usually focused on mission first.

Policies are created based on research, analysis, and data-driven decision-making to address specific issues or achieve certain goals. Personality may come into play in negotiating or persuading others to support certain policies, but the substance of the policies themselves should be the determining factor in decision-making processes. By prioritizing policy over personality, organizations can ensure that decisions are made based on logic, evidence, and objectives rather than personal biases or relationships.

Granted, Trump has a tough New York City street smart personality. However, we had 2 years to evaluate his policies before the China Flu changed everything. What he accomplished in those 2 years was amazing considering the lies that were told about him. It wasn’t the normal type of lies told about many people in politics. It raised itself to the level of unwarranted legal action that continues to this day.

As I said, it may already be too late to undo the damage of the Democrats. That remains to be seen. They have gone much further than the old Jimmy Carter administration which led to 12 years of Republican Presidencies. We will need to repeat that plus have control of both the House and the Senate to start setting the ship aright.

In maritime terminology, “setting the ship aright” refers to the process of correcting the course or position of a vessel that may have veered off track or encountered obstacles such as rough seas or strong winds. This task requires a strategic and calculated approach, involving precise navigation skills, effective communication among crew members, and decisive decision-making by the captain. Trump is the only captain that can achieve this.

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