If you watched the State of the Union Address last night you will easily see why the Democrats do not stand a chance in 2020. They hate Trump more than they love America. While I and many of my veteran friends did not care for Obama’s policies (or lack thereof) we did not hate the man more than we loved America. After all, he was still the Commander in Chief.

I recently spoke with a black police supervisor in Fayetteville NC on my way back from Florida. It turns out he was a conservative Pro Trump guy. We spoke for around an hour. He told me he constantly debates many of his black friends and family members. He asks them “What did Obama do for you?” The answer usually brings a blank stare but never an answer.

If you ask him what Trump has done for the black community he can rattle off a dozen things. The funny thing is the things the policeman rattles off have nothing to do with race. However, by helping all Americans, blacks, hispanics, women, gays and all Americans benefit. That is Trump’s secret weapon. He doesn’t give a rats tail about any of those things. He is about America first, not race, religion or sexual orientation. That is why we win!

Compare what President Trump was saying during the State of the Union with the faces of the Democrats. Dems looked horrified as he laid out positive items that they never could achieve. How do the Dems fight success after success? Say what you want about personality, accomplishments speak for themselves. This is the message President Trump needs to continue to bring over the next 9 months.

Our job is to get out the vote for Trump and all Republican candidates. Not all Republicans are cut from the same cloth. However, I could not count the number of pro America items Trump mentioned that Dems could not clap for. Yes, they hate Trump that much. Appeal to your Independant and reasonable Democrat friends with the facts laid out in the State of the Union Address.

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