In Sep 2020 Biden promised to “Dismantle Trump’s Sweeping Immigration Changes”, see NPR. We’ll give him credit for being a man of his word on this subject. As soon as Biden got into office he dismantled everything Trump did to secure our border. This led to the deaths of thousands and a cost of somewhere between 84 and 94 Billion dollars per year. That is according to the Democrat-controlled Senate Budgetary Committee. Not Trump or some right-wing organization. Click here for the PDF.

There are around 650 thousand homeless people in America and around 35,000 of those are Veterans according to the VA. That means if we ended illegal immigration we could use $100,000 per homeless person every year and still be 20 to 30 Billion dollars richer.

Like most things, conservatives warned about this before the election but people did not listen. After a year or so with the death toll rising from fentanyl, the conservative press started asking the White House about the border. Then there was lie after lie. By Sep 2022 the Biden administration insisted, “The border is secure” at least 17 times on the record. By 2024 we have lost count.

FOX News then sent cameras & drones to the border to prove to the American public the Biden administration was lying. They were the only news agency doing this. After a year of reporting no reasonable person could deny the invasion was well underway. Conservative governors started shipping illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states. It caught America’s attention when 50 illegal immigrants were sent to the liberal bastion Martha’s Vineyard in Sep 2022 causing the Governor to call out the National Guard to remove them. Even Elon Musk got involved by visiting the border and showing America what was happening on his free speech platform X.

As sanctuary cities started to get a small taste of what it was like to be a border state they all started screaming. The problem is the leadership of those cities did not ask to return to the successful Trump-era policies. They simply asked for more money to deal with it. This is why we will never resolve the issue until Trump becomes President again. We are now the party of the people and all the Democrats will be left with is a majority of white liberals who are too privileged to see the suffering of the common man and woman.

Now 25 Governors have sided with Texas over their right to protect their border when the Federal government will not do so. Some have sent their National Guard to help with the crisis. We never saw anything like this under the Trump administration. Biden does not need a single action from Congress to fix the problem. The same laws & executive orders Trump used could easily be reinstated. This is the liberal Democrat giving the finger to 75% of America who believe this is a crisis or serious problem and 18% who think it is somewhat serious.

The poll also found that 45 percent of Americans see the border situation as a crisis, and another 30 percent view it as a serious problem.

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