Trump is the Right Choice for Veterans. It is always with trepidation that one openly supports a candidate in our politically hostile culture. But as I have always served my soldiers in uniform, I must continue to serve them now that I am retired. And the best way I can do that is to help Donald Trump get re-elected. His policies, indeed his political philosophy, gives my comrades the best chances for success and happiness in and out of uniform.

Soldiering, especially combat arms soldiering, is a dirty job. It attracts a certain kind of man. These men enjoy hard work and the challenges it provides. Even more than the work itself, the camaraderie of sharing these burdens with like-minded men is the greatest benefit. To gain acceptance in this world, whether the rifle squad or the construction crew, is a greatly satisfying accomplishment. And it’s one you simply can’t replicate in a cubicle farm or office building. The hardships, both physical and spiritual, that are overcome in combat or hard physical labor build a brotherhood that can’t be matched in the absence of discomfort. Many veterans openly seek this kind of work when they get out for the personal and social satisfaction they get out of it.

Unfortunately much of society, and progressives in particular, openly disdains and works to sabotage what was once called, “The blue-collar worker”. In addition to the open insult of “uneducated” replacing “working class” in describing these men, two progressive policies, in particular, have undermined and nearly destroyed the working class: globalism and illegal immigration.

With globalism, the jobs themselves have disappeared to what is effectively slave labor in China. China, a communist oligarchy where the party members have made themselves millionaires and billionaires, has been in open economic warfare with the United States since gaining Normal Trade Relations with the United States under George HW Bush and permanently under Bill Clinton. Our trade deficit is secondary to the destruction of American manufacturing in the rust belt. And China has done so while stealing our intellectual property, murdering political enemies, opening concentration camps for religious minorities and openly violating every moral norm of Western Civilization. And our politicians on both sides of the aisle have openly embraced this totalitarian state in exchange for lucrative positions for their family and friends and outright campaign contributions.

For those working-class jobs that do remain, notably construction and agriculture, we have destroyed wages by deliberately importing tens of millions of illegal workers who, while still collecting welfare benefits, are paid cash under the table and paying zero taxes in return. Even progressives can understand the concept of supply and demand. We have unnaturally increased the supply of labor in the United States thus dropping demand and prices (salaries) for this labor. Yet again the working class, blue-collar worker has been destroyed by these policies. The rampant abuse of H1B visas to erode the value of hard to earn STEM degrees is another subject for another time.

President Donald Trump alone (politically speaking. Mike Rowe has done great work as well in his role as entertainer and working man advocate) has addressed these issues directly and unapologetically. The types of work my soldiers did so wonderfully in uniform are being resurrected in the civilian world under his leadership. With the support of what is now an openly hostile congress, he could do so much more.  Allowing veterans to work for a good wage, in an important job, respected by society would do much to alleviate the suicide and drug abuse crisis affecting not just veterans but the working class throughout our nation.

And that is why this vet is wholeheartedly for Trump.

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