Some time back I put a question in for those who leave comments. If Trump wins the primary who will you vote for in the general election? The options are Biden, Trump, or Other or not voting. Since then there have been many responses from Never Trumpers & others. So far all of them are voting for Trump! That should tell us something.

No matter how much they suffer from Trump Derangement Disease as Greg Gutfeld pointed out we need to change the word Syndrome to Disease, apparently they are voting for Trump. That gives me some hope for America.

I firmly believe that regardless of the number of articles Never Trumpers read on Mediate, they are aware of the truth. The truth possesses a remarkable ability to impact our lives. It is intriguing to observe that thus far the Never Trumpers have not engaged in discussions regarding President Trump’s political policies. At the gut level, they likely know opposing his policies is often associated with being anti-America.

Assuming no unexpected events occur, this upcoming match-up will pit pro-America policies against our current state of affairs.

By the way, I want to emphasize that the Terms for posting apply to Trump supporters and his detractors. Even if your comments are pro-Trump but not related to the post I must remove them but I do leave who you are voting for. 

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