As military members, accountability was at the top of our priority list. Without accountability, the entire military would fall apart. The longer you spend in the military the less you understand the non-military world. We see the incompetence and corruption of our government (Federal, State, and Local), judges and prosecutors, schools, & our scientific community just to name a few. Even the once prestigious institutions of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, CDC, NIH, etc are now known to be corrupt. Sure, there are many good folks in these institutions but how do you know the good from the bad? You often can’t! I watch as the country I love decays into a place I no longer recognize.

The problems are easy for anyone who has been around a while to see. Why does such corruption creep in? All I can think of is a lack of accountability. It is not the only problem but I think you will agree it tops the list. Lack of accountability has been at the forefront of the recent DOJ versus concerned parents issue. The teacher’s unions and school boards do not want to be held to account by parents. Rather than being held to account, they call normal people terrorists.

Name-calling is the main tactic they use to avoid accountability. They do this because they cannot stand up to a policy debate. We are racists, bigots, privileged, misogynists, homophobes, deniers, insurrectionists and etc. That is how we end up with stupid ideas like defunding the police, white people being privileged, black people being oppressed, sanctuary cities and states, giving illegal aliens $450,000 per head if they lost their children, Afghanistan debacle, gas prices, inflation, conflicting data on Covid, no bail reform unless you are conservative or pro-America, and someone like Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President.

How do we claw our way back to a reasonable society? It is going to take a long time and hard work. Most of all it is going to take people with integrity and a brain to stand up. We must hold ourselves, our families, friends, and co-workers accountable. It all starts with us as individuals. I’m not talking about so-called “friends” on social media. They are mostly not friends but people you once knew or people who know someone you know or knew. It is time to start having real conversations with people in your close personal circle.

When you talk to people face to face everyone gets more out of the conversation. Phone or video call is the next best, especially with distant friends. You have to see the body language and hear the voice inflection to communicate properly. I bet that the first time “defund the police” was mentioned it was in a text format of some sort, not face to face. If it were face to face you would likely have seen the person it was said to look at the person saying it like they were an idiot. If we, the elders, do not set the example how will the young learn accountability?

When you discuss politics with people try to frame the discussion around accountability. It is a word and concept we must hammer home as the Communists do with their slogans.

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