I was talking with a veteran for Trump today from California as well as Vlad Lemets from our organization. The subject of the Socratic method came up. You can read all about it. However, to keep it simple here is the basic way it works. We ask questions that stimulate thought.

One method used is a Socratic Circle. A Socratic Circle is not a debate. The goal of this activity is to have participants work together to construct meaning and arrive at an answer, not for one student or one group to “win the argument”.

During that conversation, the America First slogan came to my mind. So, if we ask the question “If not America First, then what?” it can inspire us. What is the alternative? Logically it could be America Last. Some may think America in the Middle or any shade on a sliding scale.

To further clarify the question, we are not suggesting America Only. Obviously we live in a world made up of many interdependent nations. What does it mean to put America First? What are the ramifications of putting it somewhere other than first? Comments and thoughts are welcome!

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