Nope, it is not simply FOX News reporting these things. According to some veteran friends on Facebook, portions of some of our major cities remind them of war zones. One, a female attorney, was huddled in the corner of her living room with rioters outside. She was locked and loaded and waiting for the door to be broken in, She had every intention of unloading her weapons into any intruder. PS she is a former liberal. Now her Facebook posts are all pro Trump and anti left.

Veterans know how to deal with this crap. Someone should just call back a bunch of us old-timers to crack down on these malcontents.

The typical suspects (Joe Biden and others) on the left call it Trump’s America. There are a few things that even some of my more liberal friends are admitting.

  1. The rioters are not Trump supporters. Are they?
  2. Rioters are not carrying anti-Trump signs.
  3. Trump wanted riots, looting, and burning to stop from day one. Didn’t he?
  4. Trump wasn’t even President during Ferguson and other events under Obama. We didn’t blame Obama for what happened in towns across America. Is it then OK to blame Trump for the actions of a bad cop or the leftist rioters? PS the Ferguson thing was a lie if you remember.
  5. Every Democrat I know admits it took Joe Biden about 90 days to come out against the riots.

Just see some headlines below and even from the left-wing media.

This Is How Biden Loses – Nothing will harm a campaign like the wishful thinking, fearful hesitation, or sheer complacency that fails to address what voters can plainly see. ~ The Atlantic (uber liberal) so there!

Joe Biden finally breaks silence on urban violence, too late ~ NY Post.

Biden’s condemnation of riot violence ‘too late,’ Trump says; what the record shows on Dem’s response ~ FOX News.

No wonder Trump’s moniker for Biden “Sleepy Joe” is going to stick! Can you imagine a President who cannot answer the 3 AM phone and cannot even recognize the ringing phone for 90 days? In Joe’s own words “Come on man!” As Greg Gutfeld points out, it did not matter until it started showing up in the polling. If there are any good or sane Democrats left, are you really going to vote for this man Biden? Really!?

Would anyone stand for rioting, burning, and looting if this was being done by a Tea Party group? No way.

Then why the hell is anyone putting up with the rioting, burning, and looting of these left-wing anarchist nut jobs and BLM jerks? Why do only Democrat politicians stand in the way of shutting down the rioting, burning, and looting? Why in the world would anyone vote for a Democrat again?

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