Biden Lie: Trump, in relation to Russia doing what they want, was speaking past tense when he was asked if the USA would defend a NATO country that did not pay as they promised.

Biden Lie: Republicans will discuss funding Ukraine if Biden restores policies he knows he has the power to do to protect our border. All we want is to put America first. It’s like fixing your neighbor’s house while your walls are crumbling. It doesn’t make any sense.

Biden Lie: January 6 was not an insurrection. Nobody was charged with insurrection. It was a riot.

Biden Lie: Trump did not fail when it came to COVID. He cared enough to shut down flights & the border while the Dems called him xenophobic. Trump is the one that handed Biden the COVID Vaccine. However, we know it’s not so good now.

Biden Lie: Biden inherited an economy that was on its way to recovery from COVID. The lockdowns mostly perpetuated in Democrat led states.

Biden Lie: Trump started the plan to manufacture chips in the USA in 2020, not Biden.

Biden Lie: Trump started the plan to keep family farms going in 2020, not Biden.

Biden Lie: Trump kept auto jobs in America helping the UAW, not Biden.

Biden Lie: Trump lowered the price of diabetes medicine, but that is one policy of Trump that Biden did not squash. This one area is where liberals and conservatives agree.

Biden Lie: The plan to repeal and replace the ACA is not to remove prescription coverage. Granted the Republicans could not get it done thanks to John McCain. We’ll never know what would have happned but Joe is still lying.

Biden Distortion: Republicans want to give money to parents for school choice. The Biden plan is to just pump more tax money into failing school systems.

Sad: Biden thinks the way to fix student loan debt is to have us pay for it rather than make it harder for colleges to charge so much for failed degrees.

Ooops: At about 1 hour in Biden said “is how we make this country great.” Is he now MAGA?

Biden Lie: Trump did not add more to the debt than any other Presidential term in history. He said check the numbers. Here they are. We have yet to know where Biden will rank.

Biden Lie: The food industry is not price gouging. It is simply trying to keep up with the higher prices we are all paying.

Biden Distortion: Cutting what credit card companies can charge for late fees will NOT stop them from simply raising rates to cover the difference.

Biden Lie: The border can be controlled without the supposed border bill. Biden is killing people. There was a poison pill in the bill allowing up to 5,000 illegals per day into the country (depending on the meaning of some of this convoluted bill). Additionally, who thinks if Biden will not enforce current immigration law he or his kind would do so with another law?

The Truth: The Voting Rights Act was passed with a higher percentage of Republican votes. The truth about Selma.

Biden Lie: Nobody is paying the current minimum wage. No need to raise it since everyone is paying higher. If you don’t want to pay more for everything then let the market decide wages and prices.

Biden Distortion: The violent crime rate has been relatively flat for a long time while property crime has declined. See the chart on this page and look at the red line. PS New York just put 750 National Guard into the NYC subways and 250 State Police because crime is so low! When Trump suggested it they called him a NAZI!

Biden Distortion: The trade deficit with China is lower because, according to the Wall Street Journal is “the deficit shrank is that U.S. importers might have overordered in 2022, leading to swollen inventories and less imports in 2023 even as consumption stayed strong.” Nothing Biden did.


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