This might be one of the most important postings we have created. If you have not heard of the TikTok app by now you are in the minority. It has been downloaded 80 million times in the USA alone.  If you care about yourself and your children and the future of our nation read this and share it.  Click here to read an article about it from 3 November or just Google TikTok and the word China. Chuck Schumer, Tom Cotton, and Josh Hawley along with other D’s and R’s agree this is a bipartisan issue.

The bottom line: Hawley said his concern is that “the Communist Party could be scooping up” troves of data from the U.S. teenagers using TikTok and Apple products and apps.

“Think about what it will mean in 20 years when there’s that much more data on them. Think about the profiles that American companies, [and] Chinese companies connected to the Communist Party, could build on people who are today just in their teens. I mean, these are the things that as a parent with two small children at home, I worry about every day.”

— Josh Hawley

This story piqued my interest because I’m in the tech business. For a long time I’ve said, it is not the Russians, it is the Chinese that we need to worry about. Sure, the Russians are NoGoodNiks but the Chinese are much worse. China accounts for a total of 41% of the world’s cyber attacks. The good old USA accounts for around 10% and Russia comes in 4th (after Turkey) at around 4%.

Gathering intel and using it to sway the opinion of whole nations is something the U.S. military, as well as many foreign governments, does well. China has the worst intentions. We have all recently seen what they have done to Hollywood and the NBA. That is simply a matter of controlling America by its huge consumer market.

You might not think a little information is damaging. However, when you get a little information from a lot of people it can paint a huge picture. This would not only allow China to see American trends in real-time, exploit our weaknesses and influence future generations. Just think about what Google and Facebook have done to influence us. They make traditional media look like amateurs.

If we think for one minute that we are not at great risk from China we are delusional. My suggestion, get rid of TikTok and start looking for a replacement for your Apple products. It’s hard to stay on top of these things but for now, we know these two things need to go.

As a side note, you may remember this 2010 TV Commercial related to our debt to China. Trump is trying to work this out and he needs our support.



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