There are two distinct groups of individuals who frequently leave comments aside from Trump supporters: Never Trumpers and Leftists. These individuals often base their comments on their perceptions of Trump as portrayed by leftist news sources and social media echo chambers. Common topics that they tend to focus on include civil and criminal cases, ongoing Russia hoaxes, and the alleged 30,000 lies reported by The Washington Post.

I have addressed most of these topics in previous articles or comments. It is understandable that Never Trumpers and Leftists may not have read all of my work, as I have written hundreds of posts. While there is a search feature available, it seems that they are unwilling to utilize it. The main issue lies in their failure to consider both sides of a story. I make it a point to do so, which is why I am able to produce such a large volume of writing.

Granted, there are at least three general types of Veterans and people who support Trump, i.e. MAGA. It is important to note that there are nuances to each category and even crossovers. I will compare the traits of those with Never Trumpers and Leftists below. These are my personal observations over the years. I could write a book about each group so this is not by any means intended to be exhaustive.


  1. The first group is the one the left cites most often. I suppose you could call them Trump cultists. Like Trump said in Jan 2015 leading up to the Republican Primary: “The people, my people are so smart, and you know what else they say about my people? The polls. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s like incredible.Source That was typical Trump exaggeration to make a point. The left goes crazy over things like this. I assume there are some who literally would continue to support him no matter what. This group is very small.
  2. The second group are the ones who like Trump’s policies and do not care one way or another about his personality. Like me they may have grown up in Queens NY or any city and understand the stereotypical New Yorker. Frankly, Trump reminds me of my father who passed in 1997 and uncle Ray Kelly, RIP to both. Uncle Ray met Trump when working for the city and thought he was arrogant. However, he voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020. He passed away last year. We are the pragmatic types who can defend policy positions and are unconcerned about personality traits, a person’s history (we all change) and lawfare as long as the job gets done. This is the group I fall into.
  3. The third group are those who might find Trump’s personality grating. They may even despise the man. However, when they compare what Trump did versus Biden they are going to vote for Trump. They saw their income go down, prices go up, wars raging, open borders, extreme climate activists, the denial of reality and the pushing (not simple acceptance) of non normative sexual proclivities. They may not tell their friends or family but they know voting for Trump is the right thing to do. Some are the “hold their noses and vote” types. Many independents and Trump minorities fall into this group.

Never Trumpers, Leftists

Never Trumpers & Leftists are not much different. They too fall into general categories as well.

  1. The first group consists of individuals on the far left who strongly oppose Trump. These individuals are known for their tendency to express their frustrations by shouting at the sky whenever things do not go their way. They are willing to support any candidate as long as they align with far-left Democratic values that seek to dismantle the traditional American value system. They are often seen as pawns of our adversaries, viewing anyone who disagrees with them as enemies. Left to their own devices, they are prone to turning on each other over trivial matters.
  2. The second group consists of individuals who tend to make decisions based on their emotions rather than logic. Many of them have experienced bullying or abuse during their childhood or adulthood, which has left them emotionally scarred. As a result, they are highly sensitive to microaggressions due to the trauma they have endured. Their personalities and coping mechanisms have not been developed to effectively handle the difficulties that life presents.
  3. The third group consists of individuals who are affluent enough to be insulated from the everyday struggles of the average person. They view the government as the answer to issues that they themselves do not experience, such as those faced by the less fortunate. For this group, these problems are merely theoretical until they directly impact their own lives. They are also less likely to have children, which means they are not as concerned about the future.

Your position on this spectrum is a personal reflection. If you identify as a Never Trumper or leftist & comment, I may refer you to this post for insight into why I support Trump. I may just spam or delete you when you distort things. It may be worth considering your own beliefs before challenging mine.

Do you believe you can sway me to become a Never Trumper or leftist? Are you becoming more agitated as you observe the statistics? The outcome is clear, so it’s time to accept it. America is once again expressing its frustration. This sentiment is what led to Trump’s initial election. Did you believe intensifying anti-American sentiments would benefit your agenda?


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