I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to both veterans and non-veterans, moderates, and conservatives. I think the most profound yet simplistic thing I’ve heard anyone say so far is: Deep in your heart, you know Trump is the right choice. This was someone on the right talking to a moderate 2nd Amendment supporting Democrat. Maybe I should end there because that is all that really needs to be said. But, you know me, I’m not hard pressed for words. Time is my biggest problem. I sure do wish more of you would use our Guest Post feature.

I was also talking to two different moderate Dems that were not aware that Trump extended the unemployment by executive order. Yes, it is ending because of Nancy Pelosi but they didn’t even know he did it back in August. I sent them the link to FOX Business. We can only suppose others tried to shroud or downplay that in the news because both those Dems are fairly knowledgeable about what is going on. Luckily, neither one of those guys lost their jobs.

Maybe the unemployment thing stood out to me because my daughter has a couple of friends that decided to stay on unemployment. They were still making more than if they went back to work. It is so bad I’ve seen McDonald’s offering up to $200 sign-on bonuses in my area. That might end when our state stops making those extra payments in December. There really ought to be a way to direct money to places that don’t have tons of job openings. However, that would be the job of the state since they pay unemployment.

The job market is a double-edged sword. Speaking from the point of view as a business owner and a former employee. I am now mostly retired so I can tell you the absolute truth. It is hard as hell to find a good employee in any economy. When unemployment was at 3.5% (before China Flu) wages were rising fast and you could not fill certain positions. If you want a good worker you are going to have to pay more when the job market is tight. When unemployment is high people looking for work are not happy either. One way or another either a business owner or employee is not going to be happy. If you want to know why some big businesses don’t support Trump look no further than that. They want unemployment to be high so they can pay lower wages. That’s what a Biden/Harris win will get them.

There is a lot of crap I’ve not covered in the past couple of weeks. Again, it is a matter of not having time. Besides few are really going to be persuaded by now unless something HUGE happens that the liberal media will pay attention to. They ignore the lies and misleading statements by Biden and Harris while hammering Trump for the slightest thing. They ignore all the declassified documents that prove that even Obama knew about the Hillary Russian Collusion hoax that was hatched against Trump. They ignore the fact that Biden has been wrong about every foreign policy position according to his own people. They ignore that Biden used influence to make his son and brother rich. They ignore that Biden was in charge of Swine Flu and his own guy Ron Klain said they did everything wrong. They let Biden get away with lies about Climate Change (whatever that means today) as the reason for California Wildfires.

As you can tell the list goes on and on. The mainstream media is not honest. Only those who really pay attention understand the simple truth. Deep in your heart, you know Trump is the right choice.

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