We all act like hypocrites from time to time. However, I believe it is important to call it out when we see it. It happens on the left and the right but more on the left. That’s my anecdotal observation.

Many on the left are having a meltdown over President Trump meeting with Putin. It’s been going on for days. The outrage is so phony and hypocritical it turns my stomach. I seldom want to scream but this one really chaps my ass.

The same people that scream about Russia meddling in our elections, even though no votes were changed, do not support Voter ID laws!

If they were truly worried about our elections they would unanimously vote yes.

The left opposes it by saying it disproportionately affects the poor. Hogwash! Don’t you need I.D. to buy cigarettes, alcohol, apply for welfare or unemployment, just to name a few things?

Let’s just #WalkAway from leftist ideas and be real about this. Yes, I also agree there are many idiots on the right making much ado about nothing when it comes to Russian interference in our elections. They are all idiots.

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