If you thought that giving a speech on the Inflation Reduction Act (Green New Deal) on the day when the DOW drops 1,200 points on the news that inflation is worse than ever you should see what CNN did. In brief, they cut away from Joe’s speech to talk about Trump. So, the tactic is when things look bad for your guy hammer on Trump again. The problem with that is it reminds many of us how good we had it when Trump was President. The speech and timing reminded me of a T-shirt I saw that simply said Don’t Build Back Better – Put It Back The Way You Found It.

I’m going to try not to harp on things without offering solutions like FOX News. It is truly beating a dead horse. Biden is the dead horse. You can list all the wows we now face because of Biden & Dems but that doesn’t solve the problem. The solution is simple. Go back to what Trump had in place. If Joe had not torn up and reversed all of Trump’s policies we would not be in this mess and everyone knows it.

No, the left isn’t going to admit it. I can see our regular lefty commentator JonB leaving a laundry list of the things Trump did that his side finds reprehensible. Again, I can only say that I would prefer a crazy guy like Trump in charge versus a guy who appears to have been wrong about nearly everything and graduated in the lower third of his class. Biden is like a guy who can lose every time on a 50/50 coin toss. By this time Biden knows his coin only has one side.

The Dems are going to pull another “mostly peaceful protest” on us. KJP will get up to the podium every day and spin and lie as she so easily does. The country can be burning behind them and they will tell you everything is going splendidly. Of course, you cannot point out their lies. After all, KJP is a black lesbian press secretary. You are a racist homophobe if you point to her lies and spin. If you call out Harris you are a racist misogynist. If you call out Joe you just will be accused of making fun of people with brain injuries.

We have a bunch of Democrat people running for Congress. They try to distance themselves from the Biden administration but the truth is they voted for or are going to vote for their party over you and me. Their slogan is Washington First not America First. They all share a common set of pronouns, Bull and Shit. 🙂

Look, most of these Democrats might be otherwise nice people. The problem is they are going to vote the party line regardless of what they say while campaigning. The ideas of the party have proven to be wrong. I don’t need to tell you that because you know it. I’m not even saying I agree with many of those running as Republicans. I’m simply saying that since we are all voting party line why not vote for the Republican? Even if they are extreme at least we will be on a better path. It is often the lesser of two evils.

My Democrat neighbor was complaining about $5 per gallon for home heating oil. The strange thing is she knows who I am. I resisted saying, “If you vote for a Democrat you only have yourself to blame.” She is an otherwise smart and nice woman. I think it likely dawned on her later that she should not be complaining to me. If Dems and Indies cannot bring themselves to vote Republican we can hope they just stay home come election day. Maybe that is a new T-shirt slogan. “Democrats – Stay Home, Stay Safe on Election Day.”  Maybe a subtitle like: “America is counting on you to do nothing.”

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