You may have noticed someone woke up Sleepy Joe and he was given a new line of attack. Call them Ultra MAGA or MAGA Republicans or Trumpies (some speech writer said). I cannot believe anybody poll-tested this. The obvious question is “What is Ultra MAGA”? My buddy Mac and I guessed it means we like gas in the $2 per gallon range, a secure border, fair trade, lower taxes, holding NATO accountable, avoiding military conflict through strength, holding the VA and other government institutions accountable, and a rising tide that lifts all Americans and not just one group over another.

On the Right, we thought name calling was considered an argument against Trump. What happened? There are a few theories. One is Biden and his staff want to try to incite violence from the Right. Then they can say “See, we told you they were bad people!” If that is true then don’t take the bait. Talk with your neighbors about things and then motivate people to vote come November. It won’t take much convincing as my Democrat friends are admitting the truth about the path their party has taken. One recently said if Joe had just left Trump policies in place we would not be in this mess. I said “obviously!” and thanked him for his honesty.

Another theory is the Biden staff is trying to turn Sleepy Joe into a Trump-like character. You cannot out Trump Trump. He is a unique character and nobody can imitate his style. Besides that, if we are being honest outside of his rallies many of us thought Trump should have toned it down a bit. No, the attempt to be like Trump is not going to work.

One last theory is that each time there is a political disaster the White House staff thought to create a new diversion. Initially, it was not planned. For example, after the Afghanistan disaster, the Russians started building up troops along the Ukraine border. That was good for Joe because it diverted America’s attention from the disastrous decisions he made. When war finally broke out it diverted America’s attention from inflation and the huge rise in gas prices. Then, thinking that we would not notice the White House blamed it all on the war. They did this hoping we would forget about crime rising, the border crisis, inflation, and gas going way up before the war.

Then the Dems passed the Green New Deal under the guise of controlling inflation. Coupled with that was the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents which did not go over well with Americans. To divert your attention from that they decided to pay off college debt for some. That did not go over well either. We are only guessing that they tried to take the heat off all of those mistakes by harping on this new term Ultra Maga or whatever variation you prefer.

I vent in writing. Mac vents in the video below. Notice the background I used! I could not help myself.  As Mac says in the end, talk to your neighbors. We must change direction. Remember, the person is not the enemy. It is the policies and ideas they support.

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