Our friends on the left are always being kept in the dark. They did not know about the Hunter and Joe Biden scandal before the election due to a coordinated effort by social and mainstream media. It looks like they are being kept in the dark again on the Durham Report. There are three main ways to deceive people. You can outright lie to them. You can simply not tell people something. Last but not least you can couch things using adjectives that lend to the audience confirmation bias. All have been used to successful ends.

For over a year I have had my calendar set to pop up with the question “What is happening with the Durham Report.” So, if you are the kind of person who gets their news from Europe, Washington Times, New York Post, FOX, or some other legitimate source you know what’s going on with the Durham Report. The only question we have is will anyone really be held accountable? Hacking Trump Tower, apartment, and campaign headquarters is one thing. Hacking the White House might be another. Trump was right again even though it sounded looney to some. Is this now over-stating things to say it is “bigger than Watergate”?

The terrible problem for the MSM is they are going to be forced to admit the truth sooner or later. They keep wondering why their ratings have plummeted. Even a large percentage of Democrats are waking up.

In a poll last month, 66 percent of Democrats wanted Clinton questioned, a whopping 22 percentage points higher than how many in her party demanded a probe last October, according to TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) research.

Daily Mail United Kingdom

That poll was taken before the recent news from the Durham Report!

The question on my mind is now that Trump has been vindicated, will it affect his return? There will always be those who insist he is a racist, Russian puppet et cetera even though all these accusations have long since been debunked. America should not forget it was Joe Biden that stood in the way of the first black woman being nominated to the Supreme Court. Who looks like the racist now? Of course, he also has other racist remarks in his past. We should also not forget that it was Joe and Hunter Biden who were both in bed with the Russians and the Ukrainians for profit, not Trump.

I also wonder why the left didn’t just try to beat Trump on policy. I guess it is because the Democrat Party does not know what they stand for anymore. With their emphasis on banning oil to make Russia and our enemies richer, Socialism, defunding or disparaging the police, no border enforcement, terrible economic policy, authoritarian rule, transgenderism, calling concerned parents terrorists, racism, failing the military,and focus on woke pronouns there really isn’t much to like about Democrat policies. There only seems to be a handful of reasonable Democrats speaking out.

Just thought I would make this quick post for the record. We shall see what happens.

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