I know it has been a while since I last posted. Life gets in the way as I’m sure it does for you. This might be old news but with Joe Biden’s recent comments on the 2nd Amendment (again) and F-15s, it is disturbing. First, the 2A is not there to thwart jets. Also, if Joe thinks jets and bombs will win the day he should recall that the Taliban now controls Afghanistan again and Ukraine is hurting the Russians without fighter jets. He might also remember that most of the military wants to make America great again and is Republican.

Is Biden planning on sending fighter jets into all of America to take out those nasty Republicans that want to make America great again? No. Maybe in his fever dreams, he would like to do so. Sadly, he is not alone.

It begins with Michael Hayden an embarrassment to the USAF, NSA, CIA, and America in general. I know he is very old, 77, but that is no excuse. You have most likely seen and heard about the tweet below. However, I did due diligence and checked out his Twitter feed. If I did not know it was a man I would presume his retweets were from a left-wing, pink-haired, 16-year-old emo girl. The only positive thing I got out of it was an ego boost. I realized I was so much better than a 4 Star General, former CIA and NSA director. So much better.

Of course, Hayden is not alone either. With recent comments by Joe Biden and the 50 or more so-called intel people who said the Biden corruption scandal was likely Russian propaganda, the mask is torn off. It is important to remember to believe the opposite of almost everything these people say. Maybe they tell the truth about what they had for breakfast but I would not believe much else.

I get it, Trump really pissed off the intel agencies and the establishment. Frankly, they lost their shit when he called them out. So did many in NATO when he publicly castigated them for not paying what they obligated themselves to. Trump also exposed the political generals at the Pentagon for telling him it would take years to remove the ISIS Caliphate. The officers & enlisted in the field said it would take months not years if they were just given permission. Trump gave them permission and the Caliphate was gone in a couple of months. Wow, that was embarrassing for the Pentagon & Intel leadership. Now you know another reason they turned on him.

I understand how embarrassing it must be to be put on the spot by the President of the United States. It is not just that Trump said they were wrong, he proved they were wrong. It is not just that Trump (with the help of Republicans) exposed the FBI leadership and others, he proved their corruption and/or incompetence.

Years after hearing lie after lie told about Trump does anyone expect reasonable people to believe anything truly nefarious about him? You see, the problem with losing your shit and lying is that even if there was something bad nobody is going to believe it. That is unless you were already suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. How do you know if you suffer from T.D.S.? One sign is you still believe in some kind of Trump collusion with Russia. If you do, you cannot be reasoned with. See a psychologist or live a miserable hate-filled delusional life like Michael Hayden, Joe Biden & others of their ilk.

If Michael Hayden really believes what he said then what does that mean besides the fact that he is mentally unstable? It means he and his kind are nihilistic, dangerous, and contemptible. Remember, just flip what they say around on them because they are always projecting. Projection refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.

Trump may be crazy but he is crazy like a fox. He also never went after the voters. He ripped politicians, the media, the lying intel leadership, Hollywood et cetera but never went after the common man. His policies were rock solid. He got stuff done and he wasn’t very nice about it. He is like the commander they would send in to clean up the “good old boy” systems that develop in the military and other workplaces. That is what they really have against him.

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