Don’t believe your lying eyes. That seems to be the mantra of the left, never Trumpers and those who say they are not voting or voting for someone other than Biden or Trump.

  • The economy is great, but you know better because you get a paycheck, pay bills, buy food, get gas et cetera.
  • Biden added millions of jobs, but you know they went to foreign born people, are just jobs recovered after COVID or are because people now have to work two jobs.
  • The border is secure, when the video shows you are lying it is then the fault of Republicans who refuse to play ball. But you know better because the same laws existed under Trump as exist under Biden. Remain in Mexico worked.
  • We need to fund the Ukraine War, but you know the Russians would not have dared invade when Trump was President.
  • Trump is a racist and America is racist, but you know better because people kept trying to illegally enter America even when the so-called racist was President.

Crime is down, but you know better and here is why…

The FBI’s crime report for the fourth quarter of 2023 is being criticized for being unreliable and potentially deceptive. While the data shows a decrease in murders and violent crime compared to the previous year, there are concerns about the accuracy of these numbers.

The FBI implemented a new system for police departments to report crime data, resulting in many departments failing to comply and submit incomplete or faulty information. The FBI relies on estimation to fill in the gaps, which can lead to errors in the aggregated data. Discrepancies between the data reported by police departments and the FBI raise doubts about the accuracy of the crime report. Comparisons between different cities also show inconsistencies in the reported crime rates. Overall, the reliability of the FBI’s crime data for 2023 is being called into question.

And the figures the agencies do report to the FBI do not match the agencies’ publicly reported figures. For Baltimore, the FBI reported 225 murders in 2023, but the city reported 262 — which means the FBI left out 37 murders. In Milwaukee, the police department reported a 7% increase in robberies, but the FBI showed a 13% drop. Nashville’s own data tallied more than 6,900 aggravated assaults in 2023, but the FBI counted only 5,941, leaving almost 1,000 of those offenses “missing.” This trend is consistent across the board: While 2022’s FBI city-level figures track the police’s own data, the 2023 numbers consistently undercount offense totals. Any year-to-year comparison overstates decline.

Add to all that people no longer report crime when they know the cops will not or cannot do anything about it.

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