Vets for Trump, Mac and Mike discuss General Milley’s remarks about “White Rage” and associated racial theories including CRT – Critical Race Theory. That means any theory that teaches white people are inherently racist. PS Mac does most of the talking. I prefer to write. My comments are below the video.

Click here to see what General Milley said. You can get full context at this transcript link.

It is hard to believe the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would link the term “White Rage” with what took place on January 6th. Here is the quote:

I want to understand white rage. I’m white and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the constitution of the United States of America? What caused that?

Unlike some who would impugn General Milley’s education or intellect, I will approach this differently. The record appears to show that General Milley is at the very least of average intelligence. Many would say higher than average. Not liking someone or hearing them make a stupid comment is not an indication of overall intelligence. Heck, intelligence alone is a concept that is hard to define and a subject of debate.

I would have to make too many assumptions about where Milley ran into the phrase White Rage to understand his statement. Whatever White Rage means to Milley, it can’t be a good thing. However, we can put that on hold and look at the context of his usage of the term and wonder why he would associate political discontent with the imagined white rage.

I’m going to take a guess at this. First, he has been deluded, brainwashed, or simply convinced of a non-existent thing. Sure, rage exists. All humans can experience rage. I don’t think the amount of melanin in human skin is a determining factor of rage. If I did, that alone would be borderline racist.

I doubt someone like General Milley is open to being set straight. That’s not a trait found in any great amount, especially military members, let alone General Officers. That alone is a scary thing. It is beneficial, no matter our rank or education level, to be open to correction.

The so-called “rage” that was expressed on January 6th was based on a distrust of those who control elections. To make matters worse many state election rules were violated due to the Wuhan Flu.

Below is a short list for Milley or anyone who thinks like him to consider in relation to what really drove the rage.

  • 2 attempts to impeach President Trump
  • Years of calling Trump a Russian agent or whatever variation you like
  • Years of calling Trump a racist
  • The FBI caught lying to bring down Trump and nothing being done about it except one agent getting probation
  • Years of Big Tech censoring stories and/or demoting search results that looked bad for Democrats
  • The incalculable number of lies told by the Main Stream Media about Trump

The icing on the cake was the Main Stream Media hurling the same false claims and insults at Trump supporters as they did Trump. General Milley, do you think the items above are more significant than this imagined white rage? I’m not the emotional type and I take a beating better than most. That’s because I have an honest view of myself and others. However, I can see why those who are more easily moved by emotion did not take this lying down. White Rage? Really? Sir, you come across like a racist!

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