Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. ~ G. Michael Hopf

Did 9/11 teach us anything? Friday night on Gutfeld, Terry Schappert pointed out the quote above and other things that resonated with me about 9/11. If you missed Greg’s interview segments with Trump here is a link to one episode that has two Trump interview segments. You will have to search for the rest.

We are in a new period of history where weak men are creating hard times. When you think of strong it becomes clear who they are. Trump and those who voted for him are strong. Weak people might argue we are too strong. We support a strong military, strong economy, strong foreign policy, strong borders as well as a strong sense of equality (not equity) and freedom.

If you think of the weak it also becomes clear who they are. Who voted for the man who immediately took down all the strong measures that Trump put in place? The border was overrun. We went from being energy independent to asking our enemies to produce more oil and skyrocketing gas prices. Inflation is through the roof. Equal outcomes are being pushed in place of equal opportunity.

Our enemies are emboldened. Our military and police are demoralized. White children are being told their racist simply because of their genetics. Our very freedoms are being challenged on multiple levels. Add to that our Congress is about to capitulate to the world by spending trillions on things we cannot effectively change. All this in less than 8 months. All this is due to weakness that makes us vulnerable.

The next few years will be hard times created by weak people. Take heart! We will emerge from this period of weakness stronger. I have faith that we will put America first again. We will overcome the weak and the stupid.

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