In the coming months, we need to all thin about reducing our cyber footprint with Big Tech. This is what I do: I use Firefox for my browser (it’s Linux-based, so has some quirks that are easily overcome).  For my search engine, I use the unpolitical rather than Internet Explorer.  Both of these are academic applications, so periodically they will ask for donations.  For email, I have my consulting domain maintained by iPage; but this has probably more bells and whistles (and associated cost) that most of us need; fellow vets at my American Legion Post tell me that GoDaddy is the best for the price.  With this, you can avoid Google reading your email, or tracking your searches.  BTW, I’m flying my American flag upside down tomorrow between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm EST; during World War II, this was a sign used by the merchant marine to indicate a ship in distress, from other than attack.  I think our ship of state is in distress starting tomorrow.  Keep your heads down and let’s plan for 2022 and beyond!

Major Bill

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