Here is a suggestion on how to quickly stop the rioting, looting, and burning.

  1. Set a curfew and stick to it. That is the key. Sticking to it.
  2. Anyone caught out after curfew that does not have a legitimate reason is zip tied and made to sit on the curb until morning waiting to be processed.
  3. Process them by taking their fingerprints and then give them a fine and let them go on day one.
  4. If caught a second time they are zip tied again. Only this time they sit zip-tied for a minimum of 12 hours until being processed.
  5. Repeat as often as needed.

A couple of nights of that and most will start going home before curfew.

  1. For anyone caught breaking things & looting mandatory jail time. Have the National Guard build holding areas if jails become overcrowded. Process and make them pay for the damage and serve 30 days minimum. If unable to pay put them in chain gangs cleaning up the streets and removing graffiti. Set a pay off rate equivalent to minimum wage until the cost of the damage is paid off. For example, $2,000 worth of damage done equals around 275 hours of labor cleaning the streets.
  2. For anyone setting fires where people might get killed, there must be charges of attempted murder, otherwise charges of arson suffice.
  3. For anyone launching projectiles, commercial fireworks, etc at police there must be charges of aggravated assault.

The problem essentially solved. Love to hear your suggestions!


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