I could write a lot about the hypocrisy when it comes to bashing Trump. I’ll keep this one brief and sorry for this as I understand it is Easter weekend. So, the other night there was a fundraiser for Biden. It drew 5,000 people and raised 26 million. (100% for the Big Guy – wink wink) What was the big draw? It wasn’t Joe Biden. It was Obama and Bill Clinton. Gutfeld pointed out that Lizo was the big draw ?.

The point of hypocrisy is leftists and Never Trumpers always complain about Trump being a Playboy. For those of you under 50, you may need to read up on who Bill Clinton was when it came to conduct. He was way worse than Trump and even did it while in office as President and Governor. Clinton not only won a second term, but his popularity remains to this day within liberal and Never Trump communities. So much so he was a headliner at the fundraiser.

Add to all of that Lizo was another big draw for the libs at the fundraiser. She is also accused of sexual harassment as well as racial and religious discrimination. I’m surprised they didn’t invite Harvey Weinstein. Oh, that’s right, they couldn’t. He is serving 23 years.

Whatever Trump did or didn’t do before he was President, it doesn’t even compare. Trump was never accused of anything like this while in office. That is why any comment about Trump’s conduct goes right in the trash. 99% of the time automatically.

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