Americans have their natural birthright to think the way they want. Yet when there are Soviet-style Investigators by Lawmakers, who choose to close an official investigation from public proceedings, that is not American. This kangaroo-court style of litigation is allowing for lying and promoting physical violence to those who hold different views.

There are no consequences for them holding this circus and it is costing the American people unnecessary money and time. It is also obstructing important legislative matters like the USMCA, immigration reform, homelessness, opioid deaths, lowering drug prices, etc.

As a retired Chicago police officer I am sick of the circus in Congress. These political hacks are pathetic and unconstitutional activists. Instead of focusing on furthering American greatness they are trying to eliminate the Rule of Law as we know it. They disregard the right to face your accusers. Yet these political hacks allow selective leaks that are prejudicious to a fair investigation.

We who are true Americans, who defend and believe in the Constitution need to rally our family, friends, and neighbors to vote out these advocates in 2020 and beyond. These professional politicians who have made their entire living off the government and political gain need to disappear or move out and make room for leaders who care for Americans.

Great leaders always put their people first and that is patriotic.

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