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Many conservatives are opposed to the announcement that the IRS will hire numerous agents. The rationale, is that these agents will be used to harass us.

Actually, the IRS doesn’t need additional agents to harass us. They are already doing it.

If you think that the IRS has enough agents, try calling them. If you’re lucky, after going through menu options upon menu options, and inputting your Social Security Number, you will be put on hold, perhaps for 2 hours, but if you aren’t lucky, after going through all of these gyrations, you will get the recording to the effect: We’re sorry, but due to the high number of callers, we can not take your call at this time. Either call back later or at a different date.

There are some IRS offices, where they will give you the callback option, where you give them your phone number and wait for a callback, but once you get the callback, the agent will transfer you to another IRS number, where you will get the above treatment.

Perhaps your taxes are fairly simple, so you do your own income tax return. If they write to you to say that you under-reported your income, it will be up to you to defend your numbers. It’s possible that the answer is very simple, but for certain things, it’s possible that the agent with whom you speak will be unfamiliar with the form in question, and you may be asked to send them a copy of the form, even though you previously sent it with your income tax return.

Now if they are unfamiliar with their forms, then how can they expect us to be familiar? Apparently, they don’t expect us to be familiar with their forms, because they always tell us to ask your “tax advisor.”

Perhaps you will be transferred to an agent who advises you to pay what they say you owe, and that after they see that you’re right, that they will refund your payment. They will also tell you that they are backed up, so that it may take a long time for them to return your money.

In getting the problem resolved, you may have to spend several half-days, while you go through this hassle. You may very well conclude, that if they are so backed up, that they need to hire more agents.

Naturally, they have deadlines, but we don’t.

Hopefully, these additional agents will make it possible for us to call them and reach an agent without all of this hassle.

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