25,000 (or thereabouts) National Guard have been deployed to D.C. Those of us who follow right of center news understand the irony of it all. Therefore, this post is sent out to those who are left of center that have not thought about it.

Over the summer the left was almost unanimously against the idea of deploying National Guard to our cities to defend against far-left Biden supporters. Not to mention their cries for defunding the police. It did not matter if these forces were to be deployed to protect Federal buildings, police precincts, businesses, or parks where statues of famous people had been placed. No, it was all bad and all part of Trump’s evil plan to militarize the U.S. against protestors.

Then the rioters started going after the homes of mayors and other elected officials. One Portland Commissioner even called 911 for minor issues like being kicked out of a Lyft ride. Here’s a link to the local news story if you want a laugh. Yep, this same Portland Commissioner was working to defund the police. Ironic, isn’t it? That’s just one of many hundreds of examples. I could post stories all day of members of Congress that stood for defunding the police and against the deployment of the National Guard now asking for it.

Despicable Congressman (Steve Cohen – Mr. Chicken Lickin Good) worried about the National Guard being Trump supporters. Here’s the video link. He correctly points out that 70 to 75% of those deployed were more likely to support Trump over Biden. However, that doesn’t mean they will not do their duty. He does not mention that an even higher percentage of police likely supported Trump over Biden. Frankly, the same law enforcement pushing back against the protesters at the Capitol on January 6th likely supported Trump.

Try to imagine Trump not saying anything about the January 6th incident for months. Nope, that would have been Joe Biden on the BLM and ANTIFA riots. Just a side thought. Has Joe Biden or his team even thought to ask NameCheap.com to redirect antifa.com away from his website? Imagine if KKK.com was pointed to donaldjtrump.com! Does the Biden team actually endorse ANTIFA? For those, not tech-savvy NameCheap.com is a place where you can buy domain names. I wrote about this back in September and they still have taken no action.

Imagine if Mike Pence directed people to a fund to bail out Trump supporters that participated in the January 6th break-in of the Capitol building. Nope, that would be Kamala Harris and others on the Biden team over BLM and other rioters. See the article here. Another more recent one here. Oh yes, and let’s not say anything about yesterday’s BLM riot in New York City.

To those on the left (yes Jon that means you and others) I’m not saying any of this justifies violence on the right. I simply point to irony and hypocrisy. Someone has to keep the record straight. At the rate the left and big tech are censoring things I know that I at least control this space on the web and have backups even if the host would try to take me down.

My final thought is this large number of troops is like hitting a fly with a sledgehammer. It would have been nice to see that number of troops deployed this past summer to protect regular citizens. As my friend always says “Nothing matters till it becomes personal.” Politicians and the media could have cared less about those poor business owners. Many of them minorities. But when it comes to their own personal safety they are all for the police and the Guard. The irony of these hypocrites is sad!

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