This is painful to watch but I did my best to muddle through the constant 5-minute interruptions by Senators. If you have been watching you know what I’m talking about. If not, you may see it on the nightly news. I want to disclose, after watching the first two Democratic Senators speak I DVR’d the rest of the testimony time and fast forwarded through the speeches by all Senators. It is like listening to pundits rather than Senators. I’m reminded of why I love President Trump and dislike most politicians.

This issue is too serious to play politics with. Either Dr. Ford was molested by a drunken teenage Bret Kavanaugh or she wasn’t. We need to stick to the testimony of both parties to come to an opinion. It is going to boil down to what we believe, not what can be proven but grandstanding by Senators will not help reasonable people decide who they believe.

However, here is what I have observed so far.

  1. We all know that the four other people Dr. Ford says were present at the gathering around 1982 do not recall any such get-together or party.  They have sworn affidavits. This includes her best friend.
  2. After a map was shown about the distance from the country club, where she said she began that day, to the house where the gathering occurred to her home would have required someone to drive her. She cannot recall how she got there and she admits nobody has stepped forward to admit they were the person who gave her a ride.
  3. Senate Democrats and Republicans gave Dr. Christine Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh the opportunity to give a deposition under oath. Judge Kavanaugh agreed and Dr. Ford refused.
  4. The polygraph Dr. Ford took was the day of or the day after her grandmother’s funeral. I’m not sure how or if that affects the outcome. However, she testified it took hours and was an ordeal but there were only two questions asked besides the baseline that we are aware of.
  5. When asked if Dr. Ford realized she did not need to appear in Washington DC and that the Senate had offered to send members to a place of her choosing she denied knowing that. Her attorneys appeared nervous at this point. With this being widely reported on the news, transmitted by letter and communicated with her lawyers her credibility was diminished.
  6. Also widely reported was her fear of flying which was a cause for a week delay. Dr. Ford said she only was able to get on the plane to go to Washington with the help and encouragement of friends. However, when asked about her annual trips to visit her family she admitted she flies. When asked about traveling for work she admits to flying. When asked about her multiple vacations to far off lands she admits she flies.

To me, it seems like the longer she is questioned the more inconsistencies develop. However, the period for questioning is over. All we can say is if she took this story to the police they would have to tell her there was no way to move against the accused without some evidence.



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