A few weeks ago I saw an ESPN headline: Former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas responds to critics: ‘Trans women competing in women’s sports does not threaten women’s sports’ Women athletes disagree. This weekend I caught the news that Fédération internationale de natation has essentially banned males from competing as females. The caveat is if a child transitions from male to female before age 12 they can compete. Still, questions linger. Below is an excerpt from the AP link:

transition involves three stages: social, medical involving hormones and surgical. “Which of these three do they mean? Should the patient have undergone surgery by that time, which is almost impossible

When it comes to individual sports can’t transgenders compete for time, distance, etc in their own category? If it involves teams I don’t have a compromise.

When it comes to “pride” month a friend asked what is there to be proud of? Good question. Pride goes before destruction.

Note: I am lazy and have been looking for easier abbreviations to define sexual orientations. Forget the 28-letter version or using only a few of the 28 and adding a + sign. I think I have discovered them. Thanks, Merriam-Webster! HNs (heteronormative). NNs (nonnormative) You’re welcome Justin Trudeau and others.

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