There is a lot of talk about forgiving college debt and by now you likely know why many of us think it is a bad idea. It is never forgiven, just paid for by others or we print the money. To me, the answer is simple, at least a partial answer.

If someone wants the money to pay off college debt let them serve in the military. There are many ways this could work. Here is just one idea. You could pay a person at the E-5 rate and take the difference between that and O-1 or 2 and pay off the loan. That would teach college graduates real-life skills like discipline and following orders. Of course, this would not be a path for everyone.

There are other options we could come up with. According to CNBC back in 2021 60% of Americans polled thought there should be student loan debt forgiveness. Granted, the polls are all over the place based on age and income. So, allow those who favor paying for student loan debt to put their money where their mouth is. Add a checkbox to the tax form if you want to designate funds toward student loan debt. I’m waiting for the laughter. 🙂

By now we have all heard the other ideas like having colleges with large endowments cost share or forgive the debt. Either way, measures need to be taken to prevent serious student loan debt in the future. Maybe we insist potential students learn to drive a truck for a few years before being allowed to go into debt for college. A person should be able to show they have a marketable skill or at least a work ethic before being allowed to go into student loan debt. How do you like those apples?!

When there is talk about free community college look at what other countries do. You have to qualify for it. You cannot simply give it away. The last few years of high school are nearly a waste of time. Why not let some students with aptitude pursue specialized college courses in 10th grade? Of course, now you are in a fight with the teachers’ unions. That should tell you something right off the bat. It is our system that is flawed. We simply lack the collective will to fix it.


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