If you missed the news there is more talk of Russian interference supporting Trump for President. Those who hate Trump are salivating. Those that love him are thinking “not again!”. My advice is STOP and THINK!

A close friend sees me as a cynic. Mainly because I don’t buy into various conspiracy theories. If you think 9/11 was an inside job you should stop reading now. I like to think I’m a healthy skeptic. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

What do we do when claims are not so extraordinary? Hopefully, most Americans consider some sincere questions.

Could it be that Vladimir Putin simply wants to mess with your head?

If I were Putin I would already know how deeply divided my arch-nemesis (America) was. I would leverage that by making some probes into America’s election system. I would also start rumors in my own country so they could be picked up by U.S. Intelligence. Not so overtly that it would look like it was out in the open. I would suggest I supported Trump because most of the anger in America’s left is targeted at him.

Which side would you pick to win our election if you were him?

Trump’s actions against Russia are well documented. You can see a list of Policy Actions at this weblink from Brookings.

I will not look to the past under the Obama administration. However, it should be noted how soft he was on Russia.  Consider the leader in the Democrat Primary, Bernie Sanders. He not only is aligned with the current Russian view of Socialism he has always admired Russia and the former Soviet Union. So much so that he took his Honeymoon in the then Soviet Union.

I have met many Russian youths working in America. They flock to the Outer Banks every year to work. They are just people like us. The problem is Socialism, not the people.

So, who do you think Putin really wants to win? Is this all just a grand psych-out? Your thoughts are welcomed.


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