Here is Russia’s grand plan to destroy America

Get Donald Trump elected President so he could:

  1. Drive down unemployment to record lows
  2. Reduce the Trade Deficit
  3. Renegotiate Trade with unfair trading partners, even allies
  4. Set record GDP growth
  5. Recognize Jerusalem
  6. Cut U.S. taxes to record lows
  7. Double the standard tax deduction for middle and lower class
  8. Pass the “right to try act” so dying people could try things not approved by the FDA yet.
  9. Pass the VA Accountability Act and many other veteran-related benefits.
  10. Set record stock market highs
  11. Strengthen the military
  12. Kicked out a record number of Russian diplomats
  13. New Afghanistan strategy
  14. Get North Korea to disarm nukes and return our soldiers bodies
  15. Put China on notice for stealing our intellectual property, currency manipulation, and unfair trade practices
  16. Destroy the ISIS Caliphate and kill Russians in Syria
  17. Boost U.S. dominance in oil
  18. Bring about a 17 year high in economic confidence
  19. Drum roll, please…. Imposed new sanctions on seven of Russia’s richest men and 17 top government officials on Friday in the latest effort to punish President Vladimir V. Putin’s inner circle for interference in the 2016 election and other Russian aggression – and that’s from the liberal NY Times!!

Click here for at least 70 other items, and this was just from 2017!

Yes, those Russians are crafty fellows!

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