A number of people are wondering if the Biden scandal and corruption will lead anywhere. I have a short prediction and I am not a fan of predictions. In most cases, it is anyone’s guess. The bottom line is I do not think it will amount to anything. Corruption is not always illegal and the Biden family is protected by the media and powerful friends in the government and the so-called “justice system.”

Next is the potential indictment of Trump by corrupt DA Bragg in New York. This one will be interesting to watch. I do not have a prediction. Yet, I do find it noteworthy that Bill Clinton gained popularity after his court settlement with Paula Jones and other sex scandals. Bill was never charged but Trump could be due to the power the left now has in the United States. Once again the left may be underestimating the anger they cause as it will certainly drive patriotic people to vote.

That’s All Foks!


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