From Joe Biden to Progressives in Congress, the cost of voting for Democrats is hard to calculate. It has cost thousands of lives and many billions of dollars.

  1. Illegal immigration cost us 250 Billion, yes Billion dollars, in 2018. I don’t blame most of those illegals for trying to get here. The cost of the wall was estimated at 40 Billion. Let’s grant the left’s argument that the wall would not keep every illegal immigrant out. That is true. However, it would keep a large percentage of them out. Let’s say it would cut it in half. So, a one-time investment of 40 billion dollars would save taxpayers (you and me) 125 Billion dollars per year if not more. You would save thousands of American lives by slowing the fentanyl poisoning of our people. It would also save many people from human trafficking.
  2. The Defund the Police movement cost untold lives and suffering, especially in poorer communities. We know that Joe Biden, who says he does not support the movement in his party, thinks it will cost at least 37 Billion dollars to hire some police back. Sorry, Joe, no amount of money is ever going to fix this. Your party has broken the system completely. Ask any cop in a major city.
  3. Democrats in major cities and many states have put weak on crime legislation in place. While this may save some money on housing criminals in jails and prisons it costs in death, pain, suffering, and loss of income and property.
  4. The draconian lockdowns cost us in mental health, suicide, drug overdose, alcoholism, death from lack of attention for normal medical issues, loss of income, stability, and loss of education for our children.
  5. Last but not least on my list is the 63 million plus babies that have been murdered by liberals. Even foul-mouthed comedian Bill Burr puts this all into perspective. He says he is pro-choice and admits abortion is murdering a baby. Before anyone comments on abortion, I will not respond unless you listen to this 4-minute segment from one of his comedy routines.

Let me bottom line things. When liberals ask how I can still support Trump these are just some of the things that come to my mind.

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