The Democrats have lost their minds and are so detached from their own voters that they will lose elections again and again. Which is really good for the Republicans.

They have no accountability at all. They keep whining about Russian election interference however it was Hillary’s lying and cheating combined with her bad handling of our nations classified information in her email system that caused her to lose the election.

Instead of worrying about Russia why not admit the big mistake your party made was its choice to let her run for President. Your voters wanted Bernie Sanders but she cheated him out of that and the party let her get away with it. Yet you won’t publicize that too much because you know you’ll lose even more voters. Yeah, that won’t happen.

Stop supporting a party that doesn’t care about anything except their own personal pocketbooks. When they had a majority in the house and senate, they didn’t raise food stamps. They didn’t raise welfare. They didn’t raise social security. They sure pretended to care about the poor people though. What they did do is make you pay for health care if you worked and didn’t have insurance. Even if you couldn’t afford it.

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