Make no mistake, we are watching something truly unique in history. Many leftist governments in Europe and leftist states in the US are removing or relaxing their mandates and restrictions over the Wuhan Flu. Mac and I discuss the Canadian trucker protest.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my shots and a booster. Then again, I made that decision based on my health profile. At the same time I do not criticize those who don’t want a shot or want to wear a mask one bit.

If you are a veteran then you had Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Warfare Training. You know as well as I do that you are never going to stop a virus. It just doesn’t work that way. Even our heavy duty filters would not completely stop a virus. Having taught aircrew decontamination we knew we were cooked if the enemy used a biological weapon.

We also knew the worst thing you could do was to keep people indoors with each other. Biological weapons need a reservoir, host and or a vector. People, animals and most notably rodents and insects are vectors. Nonliving reservoirs can include soil and water in the environment. COVID-19 and the mutated forms are now everywhere. It is even found in deer in the US.

Hopefully it stays weak like the Omicron variant. That is the normal process for a virus. The only thing different about this one is it was man made so we can not be sure if it will travel the normal path. So far it looks like it will.

We are still trying to understand and will never fully understand just how many people died as a result of the China Flu alone. Nobody knows how many died of China Flu or with it, not from it. You can die of many things and maybe you had Wuhan Flu at the same time. Comorbidities is another main issue we will never wrap our heads around because accurate statistics were not kept. Hard to believe in today’s tech age but it is aggrivatingly true.

You may not trust the CDC and be well within your rights to do so. However, I will link to their chart of deaths by age. Click here. It is shocking to see how few young people died. Add to that many of them had Pneumonia at the same time. Just one example: Kids age 0 to 17 – total deaths involving Covid was on 795 as of this post. 223 of them had Pneumonia at the same time. We do not know how many of them had cancer or other diseases. Shocking! It is possible none of the 795 died from Covid. We will never know but the number is really low for a 2 year period!

I say all that to suggest Canada, the US and all reasonable nations stop mandating anything. Do your own risk assessment. Like I said, I do that for the common cold. I don’t go out as much during cold and flu season. I stay away from sick people the best I can. I take Vitamin D3 and other things to boost my immune system. Hell, if you want to wear a mask, nobody is stopping you. Just don’t force your beliefs on others.

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