I want to start out by saying there are people more qualified than me to speak on this subject. However, with just under 23 years in a Special Ops unit, I dealt with documents and information from confidential to top secret. Here are a few points.

  1. Classified material is accessible on a “need to know” basis. It is not like a person with a top secret security clearance has access to all top secret info. Even the President does not need to see all top secret documents. There are simply too many of them and nobody needs all that information.
  2. The government is good at classifying documents but very bad at declassifying them. For example, in 2017 we declassified 13 million documents. Yes, you read that right. Much of this was already known by the public but was confirmed upon declassification.
  3. I have personally been in classified briefings under severe penalties one day and then caught it on the news the next day. That is how fast something can become declassified. Sometimes classification is a load of crap.
  4. Classification often has a time related need for keeping something secret. Examples would be dates and times of deployments along with troop strengths, types of equipment to be used, and other such information that naturally expires.

Before people get their panties in a bunch about “Foreign nuclear secrets among docs found in Trump raid“, remember it may be way out of date. In addition, since the report says it has to do with a foreign country it may turn out to be completely innocuous. Remember that we are good at classifying material but not good at declassifying it. It could all be ancient history.

I am not saying that the above is the case. I am saying wait until you know the facts, all the facts, before jumping to conclusions. I am skeptical about everything I hear or read, especially related to Trump. The emotions run high on both sides. As we know, if your emotions get the better of your rational thoughts it has negative consequences. First and foremost you end up looking like an idiot. Additionally, it is not good for your mental health which in turn can affect your physical health.

If you have other experiences you can share about classified material feel free to drop a comment. Admittedly, some classified material needs to be kept secret and sometimes for years. Most of it, not so much.

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