I got my second Moderna shot on April Fools Day. So far, so good. I am older and I figured if it is good enough for Trump it is good enough for me. The man has uncannily good instincts.

I’ve always said people should make up their own minds. Some on the fence should also talk to their doctor if they have one they like and trust. It has been hard to get solid facts about the whole thing. That is to be expected and I’m not busting on anyone. Frankly, the older you get the more you understand people, even smart people can be wrong. We are all flawed human beings.

If you were a veteran with any seniority or time in service you probably had to do a risk assessment. That is what you are doing when you make the decision to get the shot(s) or not. I will not try to tell anyone what to do or not to do in the case of the vaccine. To me, many things are a sliding scale, not just the decision about getting the vaccine.

Today, I heard two doctors you see on TV that I think are reasonable folks. They both agree. If you haven’t been vaccinated or previously had China Flu you will get the variant D unless you are a hermit. We know most people will recover fine. However, they suggest about 25% of those who do get it (who have not had the vaccine or previously had it) will get the dreaded “Long COVID” as they say. I hate being sick, let alone for months on end. Anyway, the information is here. You make the call.

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