Today I received a question from the NY Daily News:

I’m writing about Trump’s interview today with the Associated Press and wanted to see if your organization had a comment on the president’s reasoning as to why he has not yet visited troops serving in the Middle East.

I knew my answer but I reached out to fellow Vets for Trump to get their take. It was similar to mine.

The short answer:

We all prefer to have a President that gets things done and we really don’t care what reason he gives the press.

The longer answer:

The thing Trump Haters do not understand about veterans, especially those like myself that served over 20 years, is we do what we do for our country. We do not do it for visits from our President.

Frankly, any President who visits the troops overseas only gets to meet a select few. It is not that big of a morale booster.

What we need our President doing is getting us the right equipment, fixing the VA for our wounded and keeping us out of unnecessary conflicts. The pay raise and the Mission Act were also nice and we appreciate that. President Trump checks all the blocks. Side note: The mission act still needs lots of work.

In addition, we need jobs when we come home. We would like to thank President Trump for a robust economy and the lowest unemployment since 1969 and that includes minorities!

We would also like to thank the President for the tax cuts. Yes, the military and retired veterans pay taxes! We know the tax cuts are temporary but we also remember not one single Democrat voted for our tax cuts!

Oh, and we don’t mind that he is not as articulate as previous Presidents. The only reason to vote for a Democrat is if you are tired of winning. Vets for Trump are results-oriented and we never get tired of winning!

This video helps to explain it better. It opens with the words:

The ones that love you the most are ones willing to fight for you.

Just like Veterans, Trump loves America even if half the country doesn’t love us back.


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