You may find it strange that some of us who are Trump supporters have friends who are not. In a discussion, a little earlier today, the subject of the shutdown came up as expected. My friend was very upset and was using some of the Democrat talking points. I respect this friend. She is smart and has her Masters in Psychology from Johns Hopkins. However, left-leaning media can leave a Psych major vulnerable to brainwashing.

Talking points are used by both parties.  With the Left, it is a bit more obvious since they outnumber conservatives in the media by significant margins. When their talking points catch on they are everywhere. Conservative talking points, not so much.  Pew Research has it at 26 to 7 in favor of the Left. 

If you have friends you still talk to who do not like President Trump’s policies listen for the talking points. They are all over websites and TV and have been drilled into their heads. Keywords and phrases to listen for regarding the wall and shutdown are:

Manufactured crisis (that link is funny), Hostage, Immoral, Won’t or doesn’t work, Ancient or 4th Century technology, Immigrant (omitting illegal) and of course the old standard Racist or Xenophobic.

We can hardly blame some of our friends and relatives who use these terms. If all we hear is a one-sided point of view we become indoctrinated. The Pew Research graphic above illustrates why there are so many far left people. Calculate the odds of winning an election at 26 to 7! Click here to see. To win those in the middle we should listen carefully to the left talking points. How can one reason with those who are persuadable if we do not understand and examine the other point of view?

Back to my friend. After she was done making her points, we spoke about these simply being talking points.

Now picture the witness on the stand. Perry Mason patiently asks questions with an ever-growing buildup.  “Why, no really, why will the Democrats hold America hostage and not compromise?” Suddenly the truth cannot be avoided and the witness cries out, “Because he’s an asshole!

There it is! A confession. It is the Democrats holding people hostage, not the other way around. Add to that the real reason. It is not for some noble idea of what America stands for. It is because they hate one particular man.

Now comes the closing argument by way of analogy. “So if an asshole was trying to help a dying man you would let that person die because you disliked the asshole trying to help?” That is essentially what we are saying when we let our hatred for a person get in the way of reason.

My friend often gets mad at me after these types of discussions. Eventually, she and others forgive me. Did I mention that I have a hunch most of my liberal friends are masochists? 😉

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