Last night I created a short video and tried to upload it to I checked it this morning and YouTube said it violated their terms of service. I wonder what those terms are. There is no foul language or call to do harm to someone. It is simply my thoughts on something my brother said to me before he passed away and how it related to President Trump. Anyway, I was able to load to Facebook. Not sure if they will take it down. I was previously banned by Twitter for a Tweet that spoke against the hate speech coming from the Left. That ban was just before the 2018 Elections! If a nobody like me can get shut down just think about how Social Media is trying to manipulate our elections.

I want you to watch the 2-minute video and tell me how it could violate any terms of service. PS I hate seeing and hearing myself on video so it may be a bit awkward but violating some terms of service is beyond me.

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