Below is an email from a fellow vet on the left. Jon has commented quite a bit but he decided to email in this statement/question. Mac is much better at speaking extemporaneously. I am more of a writer.  This time I thought we would do a video response for Jon. For context his email is below:

Looking at a local Fox Station for a news update. Imagine my surprise when I came across this story. Is Fox News starting to question the unsubstantiated claims of fraud? Yes I call it unsubstantiated because I cannot find any proof. Can you please send me a link to the proof you’ve uncovered. I would love to see some proof to substantiate Trump’s claims. That way I can change what I’m saying and stop sounding like an ignorant idiot.

Before you click to view the video, understand that it is a long one. I know many people do not like videos longer than 5 minutes or so. However, this subject is too important to restrict.


Joe Biden worked with Hunter Biden and lied about it.

Georgia Ballots video

Pennsylvania and Act 77 – very corrupt

The 14th Amendment

In 2019 the Trump-hating far-left NBC even admitted voting machines can be tampered with over the internet. Watch the video on this page.

Arizona election results (forensic audit) in Maricopa County are still not properly counted. The link is to a news search so the information may change over time. However, at the time of this posting, we still do not know. What do we think would happen if other swing states had forensic audits?

New York City is requiring vaccine ID but the left still fights voter ID. So, it is not racist to require one kind of ID but it is racist to require another kind of ID. That is the Democrat view. Low IQ?

Most unvaccinated in New York people are non-white. The same is basically true across the nation.


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