So, FB unpublished the page. Nope, no explanation just the general crap. This is why I will only publish to Twitter now that Elon is hopefully buying it. Does anybody else find it suspicious that they did this just before the mid-term elections? LOL. Nobody is fooled. Twitter will likely be next unless the potential purchase by Elon has them thinking twice. They banned me/us just before the 2018 mid-terms. Nope, we didn’t do anything wrong then or now. Of course, hate speech is anything the left doesn’t like but they won’t tell you what it is. Funny.

People on the left have been telling me since 2020 that the election wasn’t “rigged” because no lawsuits were brought and won. The term rigged doesn’t have to do with those things. I also believe the DNC “rigged” the primary against Bernie and others. Big Tech and the media is all about rigging the elections. For the skeptics, you may recall the Senior Google Engineer who leaked the 950 pages proving they rigged the 2020 election. See the interview here.

Of further interest is Google now places this website on page 5 if you search Vets for Trump. That’s right. From the top of page 1 to page 5. To think they used to pay me thousands a month back in the good old days before they became political. Yes, they have a lot of cool tools but remember Satan appears as an Angel of Light. Just remember who you are dealing with. Again, they are not fooling anyone.

Yes, we are still number one on DuckDuckGo and Bing (same as Yahoo) but Google knows they drive the most traffic (90% or so). Don’t get me wrong. I’m not actually bitching about this. I am trying to educate the public and I verify what I say. I’m actually pleased that they think this website is a threat to the Socialist agenda of the Democrat party.

Keep fighting the good fight for free speech and “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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