You cannot become President unless you are 35 years old. You cannot serve in the Senate unless you are 30 years old. You cannot serve in the House unless you are 25 years old. Please tell me something. If you cannot hold these offices until you reach that age how does it make sense that you can vote for those offices if you are not that same minimum age?

It is also interesting that these ages were determined before the advent of our understanding of the human brain. Today we know the brain is not fully developed until around the age of 25. Click here for details. It seems logical that most crime is committed by those at this age or younger. Click here for details. People under 25 are also less likely to own property. Therefore they are naturally less invested in the sustainability of the policies they approve of.

It just seems to me that we should not lower the voting age as Democrats have suggested but raise the voting age. That’s all. Just wanted to get that off my mind and create a quick post.

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