Mac and Mike discuss Trump running again. If he can stay on message and not engage in petty disputes he stands a chance. He cannot harp on the 2020 COVID election and expect to not be thrown into the same category as Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams and other Democrat election deniers. Nobody wants to look back when we face so many problems caused by the Biden administration.

Back in June I dismissed the so called Red Tsunami and advised people to manage their expectations. After the midterms people asked me what I thought happened. I referred them back to the post in June. Never underestimate the fickleness of the American voter.

Pennsylvania just put a Senator into office who cannot communicate after having a stroke and who has some of the worst policies the U.S. has ever seen. Add that to the already failed Biden Presidency and Vice President Kackle and you might see why I manage my expectation. Every great civilization comes to an end. The good news for me, at 64 I don’t expect to live that much longer. The future is up to our children and grandchildren.

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