That is the question asked by Scott Adams of Dilbert cartoon fame in relation to all the Trump investigations aka witch hunts. Nobody is saying Trump isn’t a real pain in the ass to the establishment. He is. He even ran on that platform.

I think they are afraid of a businessman doing everything so much better than they are able to do as politicians. If the government ran like a business it would have far fewer employees and be many times more efficient.

Others suggest: “Derailing the Great Reset and, interrupting graft in Ukraine.” I stick to the thought that fixing problems is the opposite of what the current government is about. Long ago (the 1970s) a D.C. staffer told me the job of the government is to justify that it stays in business. If they solve a problem there goes their job.

As odd as Trump can be he works for America, not himself. Joe Biden cuts self-serving deals like his son Hunter cuts lines of blow. The same is true of many politicians both left and right.

Most Americans agree with Trump’s policies when you remove the name Trump from the question. Things like a Strong military, free and fair trade, secure borders, strong on crime and punishment, lower taxes, government accountability to the people, lower prescription drug prices, public/private partnerships to improve inner cities and strengthen technology, bringing manufacturing back to America, and avoiding conflict with other nations when possible. Sadly, many people cannot see beyond the man to look at the policies.

As Greg Gutfeld often puts it: You want the best doctor, the best lawyer et cetera. You don’t care if they are likable as long as they are the best. Remember that when you go to vote.

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