How cheap energy was killed by Green lies and Russian propaganda.

Coffee, now considered a drink that is good for us, faced an angry bunch of winemakers. Interestingly, this anti-coffee propaganda came out of a university. The year was 1671! Below is an excerpt:

A pamphlet claiming coffee was a vile foreign novelty made from a tree favoured by goats and camels. It burned the blood, dried the kidneys and attracted the lymph, inducing palsies and impotence. “From all of which we must necessarily conclude that coffee is hurtful to the greater part of the inhabitants of Marseilles.”

What does this have to do with fracking? Russia has been spreading propaganda against fracking because it interferes with Russian profits. There are many sources. The HillThe SunThe Washington Examiner and many others.

This is part of my regular discussion of how propaganda, disinformation, and cover-ups work. The negative outcome on this one is obvious. Russia gets wealthy while American “useful idiots“, as the Russians call them, fall under the influence of this propaganda and hurt our country as well as Europe. It partially funds Russian aggression and helped to create European dependence on Russia.

In anticipation of some leftists declaring I or we on the right are against the environment, nothing could be further from the truth. I grew up in New York City before unleaded gas. You could hardly breathe. Frankly, I have never met a conservative who is against a clean environment. The right actually created the Environmental Protection Agency. ~ Source The EPA is simply out of control just like any other Government Bureaucracy. Red tape has replaced reason. Like it or not, Trump knew how to reduce red tape.

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